Located in Costa Maya

Xcalak and Chetumal Bay flats fishing...

       Costa de Cocos offers fly fishing day trip excursions, and all-inclusive 3 day or longer fishing packages (for that time when you come back to visit for a great fly fishing vacation)..... Our helpful and experienced guides continually explore and find new flats in Chetumal Bay. More than 30 great flats now, rated one of the best fishing destinations in the world. But many Guests may not even see another fly fisherman on the bay.

As any experienced fly lover knows. It's not just about the fishing, it's the location too. It's a only a short trip to Xcalak from the Cruise Ship Port, but a world away from the crowds usually found at any cruise port.
In the remote bay there's trophy sized Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Snook, and there's a lot of beauty and tranquility in our remote area of the Caribbean. We know you'll love fly fishing with Costa de Cocos.
Cocos Resort

Catch and Release is the rule of fly fishing for Xcalak and Chetumal Bay. Bonefish and Tarpon are considered long-life species and able to provide years of enjoyment for many anglers. Xcalak is a Marine National Park.

David and Ilana Randall the owners of Costa de Cocos Resort have been given the seal of approval for over 10 years from Ecotel. Signifying that they are one of the few  'Environmentally Sensitive Hotels of the World'.

Cocos Resort